5 home decor ideas inspired by the wellness movement

5 home decor ideas inspired by the wellness movement

Wellness home design is focused on improving one’s health and well-being in a space. Recent years have brought an increased focus on design elements that foster bright, well-ventilated areas that promote calmness and relaxation. 
Incorporate some of these wellness home decor ideas to create a home perfect for living your best life. 

1. Build a terrarium
Seeing greenery increases positive mood and improves the air quality in your home. For a practical and beautiful wellness home decor idea, try creating a terrarium, which is a miniature garden housed inside a small – and usually sealable – glass container. Terrariums are mostly self-sustaining as the plants water themselves through transpiration and condensation. These home decor items are perfect for people who love the natural world but have little space or time to maintain plants.
2. Invest in mindful eating
Nourishing our bodies with food is an important part of health, so creating a calm and communal dining space can be an important part of wellness. Encourage mindful eating in your dining area by clearing away clutter and introducing better lighting, organic elements, artwork, and tableware that satisfies your senses.

3. Optimize textures for comfort
Sometimes we fall in love with the look of a home decor item before considering what it will be like to use everyday. When it comes to textiles, texture is important. To increase wellness in your space, think about upgrading your everyday textile items like slippers, bathrobes, blankets, towels or sheets to a higher thread count or softer fabric. Replacing these warm and cozy home decor items with more comfortable ones can really enhance your daily living experience.
4. Create a quiet nook
Whether it is to read, meditate, make a coffee or just to relax - creating a quiet space for something you love is a great way to incorporate wellness into your home design. When decorating your nook, consider some of these ideas:

  • Calming, dim light from a candle or Himalayan salt lamp
  • An indoor fountain to incorporate the sound of running water
  • A soft place to sit such as a chair, rug, or pillows
  • A mirror to reflect natural light

5. Install a fireplace
Inviting nature in is one way to improve wellness, but making use of outdoor space can also be a great way to expand our year-round living options and fight the stuck-at-home blues. An outdoor fireplace is a great way to make an outdoor space usable in the cooler months and increase the contentment, satisfaction and reduced stress we get from spending time outside. 
An indoor fireplace or wood stove can also be a great investment that increases the value of your home while providing seasonal heat and comfort. Curling up by the fire gives us a chance to slow down, collect our thoughts and share memorable moments with our loved ones. When choosing an indoor fireplace, consider wood-burning, gas, or electric models.

Melody May