How to Tick Proof Your Backyard

How to Tick Proof Your Backyard

As the cold of the winter fades in our memory, many of us turn to the Oasis that is our backyard.  Your trusted pets will be with you as you live outdoors for the next few months.

The past few years have seen some of the worst on record for ticks.  In order for your pets to stay safe in your yard this summer, it is crucial for them to avoid exposure to ticks, which can transmit diseases.

While there is no way to 100% tick proof your backyard, there are things you can do to reduce the number of ticks:

  1. Remove leaf litter.
  2. Clear tall grasses and brush around homes and at the edge of lawns.
  3. Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.
  4. Mow the lawn frequently.
  5. Stack wood neatly and in a dry area (discourages rodents).
  6. Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
  7. Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, raccoons, and stray dogs) from entering your yard by constructing fences.
  8. Remove old furniture or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

You should absolutely consult with your vet regarding medication that can protect your pets from ticks and the diseases they bring all year round.